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Buyer Beware - Alarm Monitoring Services such as
Guardian Protection Services

Buying a new home with an already existing alarm system in it?
Be aware there are many service companies on the market that will sign you into a contract on a home with an already existing alarm and lock you into that contract for a period of multiple years.
Want to get out of the contract? Some companies like Guardian Protection Services will hold you into the contract forcing you to pay it out if you want out. This to the cost of several thousands of dollars.

Instead look for a monitoring company who will allow you to sign up for a short-term contract or even better a month-to-month contract. You may pay a slight amount more for a monthly contract but if you believe you have the chance of relocating before your contract would end you may save thousands of dollars.
One such monitoring and alarm company is Simpli-Safe who offers alarm systems and monitoring starting at under $20/Month.
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